Parking is available at Riverside Park just outside Lechlade (GL7 3AL - see picture 1 below). More info on
Cotwold Water Parks have very kindly allowed us free parking here for the event. All we have to do is provide the car registrations 7 days before the event.


Coaches will pick you up at the entrance to the park. You will be allocated a seat on a coach to the start at the Trout at Tadpole Bridge - see picture 2 below.

Ensure you are there in plenty of time for your coach, there are no spare seats on later coaches!!

Proposed timings are;
Coach 1 - Riverside Park leaves 10.30am. Arrive Trout at 11am.
Seats booked - Seats available -

Coach 2 - Riverside Park leaves at 11am. Arrive Trout at 11.30am.
Seats booked - Seats available -

Coach 3 - Riverside Park leaves at 11.30am. Arrive Trout at Noon.
Seats booked - Seats available -

Coach 4 - Riverside Park leaves at Noon. Arrive Trout at 12.30pm.
Seats booked - Seats available

Note - Coach 3 & 4 are the return trip from coach 1 & 2. Timings are therefore dependent on traffic etc.

Thames 7
Coach route